Thank you for your interest in the “Cancer Genetics Education for the Deaf Community” Project. This is a 3-year project funded by the National Cancer Institute to increase the Deaf community’s access to culturally and linguistically appropriate cancer genetics information.

Our study has 3 phases:

The purpose of this study is to develop online cancer genetics information using an ASL/English bilingual format.

In Phase 1, COMPLETED we will develop the educational content with the help of Deaf community members. Our goal is to create information using a bilingual approach – American Sign Language + English text. The information will cover topics such as “the difference between inherited cancer and non-inherited cancer,” “when cancer runs in the family,” and “genetic counseling and testing for cancer genes”.

In Phase 2, COMPLETEDwe will evaluate the effect of the cancer genetic s information on comprehension. We will address questions such as: Is it better to provide cancer genetics information using a bilingual approach compared to using English text only? Does this information increase individuals’ knowledge and understanding about cancer genetics? Does this information affect deaf individuals’ attitudes toward genetic services?

In Phase 3, IN PROGRESS We will disseminate the cancer genetics information on, our partner in this project. Our study embraces an academic-community partnership model and involves collaboration between deaf and hearing investigators. These partnership ensure that this project will provide relevant, culturally-sensitive cancer genetics information for the Deaf community.

To learn more about the project, visit this link: National Cancer Institute Grant Abstract